Saturday Night Fever a glittering spectacular

Dust off your platforms, get out your sequined hot pants and squeeze in to those velvet flares – Saturday Night Fever has hit South Africa! Currently on the Opera Stage at the SA State Theatre in Pretoria until 9th October, this is one show not to be missed.

Yes, Pretoria is a bit of a trek, but this was well worth it . The theatre itself is so old, it feels like an honor to sink in to its large cushy seats, and the marble floors in the foyer are a reminder of the years gone by. I couldn’t help reflecting on the many famous feet that have traversed those floors over the years!

Saturday Night Fever is set during the hottest summer on record; 1977 the streets pulsated with heat, racial tension, un-employment and pent up testosterone filled post adolescents whose futures looked bleak, and tempers and sexual tension rose to unbearable heights.

For many of the young Bay Ridge residents the Verrazano Bridge served as a beacon of hope for the future. With the increasing Puerto Rican immigration, the traditional Italian – American neighborhoods were becoming multi-cultural. Cultural and territorial clashes were inevitable and the turf was often won or lost on the pulsating disco floor.

Audiences gave been thrilled by this spectacular cast; the crème de la crème of South African Musical Theatre – A complimentary mix of seasoned performers and dynamic new talent.

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Producer Bernard Jay, has put together a dream team for this show. This hugely talented cast stars Daniel Buys as the iconic Tony Manero, who literally steals the show with his cool outfits and amazing voice.

Stephanie Mangano is played by the beautiful Natasha van der Merwe, also with a voice of an angel, and the looks to match.

Other amazing vocal talents to watch include L.J Neilsen who plays Anette and stage legend Craig Urbani plays a rather amusing character called Pete who reminds me a lot of Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike with his tight pants and funky headwear!

Matthew Berry and Kiruna-Lind Devar literally blew me away with their musical duets, playing Bobby C and Pauline respectively- certainly both talent to keep an eye on in future,

The creative team led by Greg Homann has captured the mood and essence of this landmark time, with Saturday Night Fever.

This musical showcases the zeitgeist of the late 70’s with emblematic details throughout; from Sarah Roberts’ costume design, to Dennis Hutchinson’s set and lighting design. Wesley Lauder has innovative yet familiar choreography. Greg Homann’s skill as a director is beautifully showcased by this sterling cast.

The Cast of Saturday Night Fever, will make you want to Boogey like its 1977….

Photos courtesy of Sanmari Marais.

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